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  /   Apr 09, 2014

DevNews 84 – Embers in the fire, hearts bleeding everywhere, I need a KitKat

This week we have some news in the world of security, Javascript framework Ember makes a good appearance, and we have talk of KitKat and SD Cards, as well as the state of mobile processors for Android, Windows, and iPhone (and tablets and notebooks).

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  /   Mar 24, 2014

DevNews 83 – Through a distorted audio channel, we give you Java 8

We focus on the new Java 8 JDK release, a tutorial on Apache Avro, a review of Ember by the Haydle team, and Don Coleman joins us to talk about Android Wear. Brought to you by the letter 'T' for technology!

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  /   Mar 17, 2014

DevNews Programming Note – Schedule Update

I've made a decision to move the Developer News to a bi-weekly podcast. Though the decision was a hard one, we are finding it hard to do a show every week, and sometimes we have to scramble for enough time to prep appropriately. I think moving to a bi-weekly slot will help us provide some […]

  /   Mar 13, 2014

DevNews 82 – We discuss Dashing dashboards, our favorite Vagrant, ECMAScript 6 (look, ma, CLASSES) and of course we rant…

You miss a week, you get, well, more articles. See what the DevNews team has come up with this week - we talk about the unveiling of the BitCoin Founder (maybe?), Mt. Gox a bit, software patents (and Ken brings up his old trope - Unlocking the Sky IS a good book!), the new Vagrant and Vagrant remote client, how Cell Phone Unlocking WOULD have been great if the lobbyists could have stopped tweaking it, and more.

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  /   Feb 25, 2014

DevNews #81 – Distortion, crypto flaw in iOS and Mac, imperative to functional and more

We talk about the new Java 8 functional programming mode, forget to hit record, talk about the peering issues with Netflix vs everyone, and more... Now with louder, distorted audio!

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  /   Feb 17, 2014

DevNews #80 – We talk Javascript goodness, Java8 time, CMS, SMS, SOS!

We talk about Javascript's object-based nature and the Augment library, SMS with Twilio, CMS with Statamic, a great JS podcast episode, more.

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  /   Feb 10, 2014

DevNews #79 – My So-called $8000 Spun Nylon 3D Printed Lamp

Joel and Ken talk about 3D printing advances, some Go tutorials, a great Promises tutorial, Chromecast's new streaming API, and more. Stay tuned toward the end for some hilarious product reviews when we discuss FlappyBird.

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  /   Feb 03, 2014

DevNews #78 – Don’s NFC programming book, we’re snowed in, and what about Julia?

We talk about Don's new book, Motorola Mobility's sale to Lenovo, the Julia programming language, Erlang's new features including hashes, Chrome WebApps in PhoneGap, and more.

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  /   Jan 27, 2014

DevNews #77 – I bet you can’t run that Kanban Board on a DEC Rainbow…

>Wherein we start by discussing Michael Winslow, playing with reverb, and Eric mentions a DEC Rainbow. Topics include improvements to Node in 0.12, a Ruby/Rails children's book kickstarter, leaving Scrum for Kanban, and more...

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  /   Jan 27, 2014

TechCast #82 – Dr. Andreas Stefik on Using Scientific Research To Analyze Programming Language Syntax Across Languages

Dr. Andreas Stefik discusses the findings in his paper, an Emperical Investigation into Programming Language Syntax. The results may surprise you…

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