Application Development

Chariot teams are expert in end-to-end application development. Starting with our business analysis and architecture expertise, we work through the application requirements and lay out the application architecture (with a proof of concept as appropriate). We typically review and select frameworks and tools, set up the development and test environments, and use an Agile methodology to deliver key functionality on an iterative basis. As the development and testing cycle leads to a finished product, we work through deployments, updates, support, and knowledge transfer to bring each project to a successful conclusion.

Some of the things that set a Chariot development project apart include:

  • Flexibility to accommodate late-breaking changes to business requirements
  • A straightforward and easy-to-configure build process, making it easy for new developers to start on a project
  • Strategically leveraging open source libraries to reduce development time
  • Extensive automated tests, including a Continuous Integration environment
  • Easy integration with third-party products (such as forums, blogs, and rules engines)
  • Extensible integration with business partners and back-end systems
  • Single sign-on capability across multiple Web applications
  • Automated load tests with clear metrics to ensure application performance
  • Web application security audits for Internet-facing applications
  • Built-in application monitoring capabilities
  • A clear strategy for application updates and enhancements