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TechCast #43c – SpringOne / 2GX – Gordon Dickens show reflections

Gordon Dickens is a consultant and trainer with Chariot Solutions. We caught just before the wrap-up on Thursday to see Gordon’s impressions (ask him to do Charlie Chaplain)… Gordon discusses Spring 3.0 & Java 6, JPA 2 support, Spring Integration, Spring Roo, Grails, and more. Chariot Solutions is a SpringSource consulting and training partner.

TechCast #43a – SpringOne / 2GX Day 1.5 Recap – Gordon Dickens

Gordon Dickens is a consultant and trainer with Chariot Solutions. We caught up in the early afternoon on Tuesday to catch up on Rod Johnson’s keynote and topics around Spring 3.0, Grails, and some other things. Chariot Solutions is a SpringSource consulting and training partner.

TechCast #42 – Chariot’s Eric Snyder on Apache CouchDB

Chariot’s Eric Snyder works in both Java, Spring-based applications as well as with dynamic platforms such as Ruby on Rails.  He brought CouchDB to our attention earlier this year, and we thought we’d share some information about it with our listeners.  Apache CouchDB is a RESTful web-centric document-based database system written in Erlang.  It can be used either directly using RESTful mechanisms or via a wrapper API in a number of languages. Resources: http://couchdb.apache.org – project website http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESDBM9-U804 – CouchDB:…

TechCast #41 – Andres Almiray on Groovy Griffon, THE Swing UI Framework

Our guest on this episode is Andres Almiray, key contributor to the Groovy Griffon project at CodeHaus.  Griffon is an MVC framework and application development platform for building Swing-based applications, and can be configured to execute Applets, Java Applications and Web Start projects. Andres talks about the Griffon MVC framework, plugins, Addons, event dispatching, and a lot more. Resources Griffon home http://griffon.codehaus.org Griffon Mailing Lists The Grails project, the starting point for the core of Griffon The Griffon TeamAndres Almiray…

TechCast #40 – A roundtable discussion with the Open Solutions Alliance

Disclosure:  Chariot is an integration partner with the OSA. Panelists Nick Halsey – Marketing and Product Management at JasperSoft Debbie Moynahan – Community management and marketing for Fuse Open Source @ Progress SW Deb Woods – Product management at Ingres Anthony Gold – President of Open Solutions Alliance and board member of Blue Nog, CEO of Healthy Humans Resources White paper:  Open Source Consolidation in the Data Warehouse Market Obama’s Open Source for America initiative. OSA Datasheet Interop Datasheet 2009…

TechCast #39 – Jon Kern and Corey Haines on Agile, Software Craftsmanship

A discussion with Jon Kern and Corey Haines about Agile, Pair Programming, Software Craftsmanship, and more. Show Notes: Corey Haines – Pair Programming Tour – http://programmingtour.blogspot.com/ Jon Kern’s web site, Technical Debt.  Here is a recent post on metrics (with links to Corey’s video)  to measure quality July ’09 http://technicaldebt.com/archives/2009_07.html Software Craftsmanship – the movement website – http://manifesto.softwarecraftsmanship.org/ Robert C. Martin – “Uncle Bob” – http://blog.objectmentor.com/articles/category/uncle-bobs-blatherings Interesting comment from JB Rainsberger on the law of Speed -vs- Quality http://www.jbrains.ca/permalink/218 On…

TechCast #38 – Rob Harrop on Spring dm Server and OSGi

Rob Harrop is the lead engineer on SpringSource dm Server, and is a key contributor at SpringSource.  He co-authored Pro Spring, a seminal work in helping developer understand how to best use the Spring Framework. In this podcast, I talk to Rob about OSGi and the Spring dm Server.  We discuss the state of OSGi development, how it differs from traditional web-based Spring application development, and recent advancements in the technology. We also briefly discuss the recent merger announcement with…

TechCast #37 – Alex Miller on Java Concurrency

Our interview with Alex Miller focused on his work on Java Concurrency and also on Terracotta, the clustering technology which replicates graphs of Java objects between multiple Java virtual machines. Developers working in environments needing high concurrency should definitely review the most recent Java Concurrency API. Here are links to some of the topics we spoke about: Alex’s DZone Core Java Concurrency Refcard is located here and is a good start for researching the Java 6 concurrency features. Of particular…

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