Peter Fleming

Bringing Design Thinking to Philly Schools

Pete Fleming, our Head of User Experience & Design, spent some time volunteering with Compete360, a local non-profit aimed at bringing the practice of Design Thinking to under-resourced Philadelphia public schools. One team of enterprising 8th graders developed an ingenious local banking solution that solved a real-world problem in their school!  The team spent months … Read More

The Experience is the Product! A Customer Journey Map Workshop – SOLD OUT

Pete Fleming, our Head of UX & Design, will be conducting this workshop for the ProductTank Philly Meetup group. Tuesday, July 24th from 6-8PM You can’t improve what you don’t measure…but how do you measure the entire experience that your customers have with your company? Why, with a Customer Journey Map of course! This is … Read More

Features Schmeatures, Build for Value!

Is Your Baby Ugly? Let’s take a step back to look at this thing that you are making. How do you know if you are building the right product or adding the right feature? We need some checks and balances to ensure that we are basing product decisions on what will provide the most impact for the end customer and not worry so much about vanity metrics.

What do blockchain, IoT, and cookies have in common? …Chariot Day 2018!

Socrates once said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing about blockchain” // Your programming language might hate the environment! // Alexa can be a real jerk!!! // Chariot Day is an opportunity for Charioteers to share the things that they are most passionate about with other members of the Chariot family.