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We solve challenging business problems with technology. Here are some of the services we offer.

Software Development

From the user experience to the code, we craft solutions using best practices like agile development and automated testing, leaving you with a solid foundation in place.
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Mobile Development

Our iOS and Android architects focus on usability and performance to design, build, and deliver best-in-class mobile applications.
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Internet of Things

Our IoT experts employ technologies like Bluetooth, peer-to-peer mesh networking, remote sensors and low bandwidth internet to build enterprise solutions.
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Training & Mentoring

Hire Chariot for private, hands-on training for your company or project team. We offer Chariot-developed courses in Angular, React, and AngularJS.
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The Chariot difference lies in the way we work. Here’s what we bring to the table.

A winning track record.

Count on a superior team that delivers success and satisfaction to clients and partners for over 15 years.
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Lean teams. Deep expertise.

Small teams of talented developers turn out clean code to do the job right the first time.
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Software tailored to you.

We adopt your business goals to design every aspect of your project, from UI/UX to architecture, development, and training.
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Case Studies

We’re proud of our clients. Read on to see how we’ve solved their unique business problems.

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Untangle problems and create lasting solutions with clean code.

It happens all the time. A tech startup wants a product brought to market yesterday. But there’s more to coding than speed. Fast, cheap and good? Pick two.
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The Chariot Blog

See What Charioteers are reading, learning, and where they’re hanging out.

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Two Buckets and a Lambda: a pattern for file processing

Triggering a Lambda by uploading a file to S3 is one of the introductory examples of the service. As a tutorial, it can be implemented in under 15 minutes with canned code, and is something that a lot of people find useful in real life. But the tutorials that I’ve seen only look at the “happy path”: they don’t explore what happens (and how to recover) when things go wrong. Nor do they look at how the files get into S3 in the first place, which is a key part of any application design.

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