A Look Back to Philly ETE 2023

Back In-Person Philly ETE wrapped on April 11th, 2023, and as of the time we publish this post, all the talks are now available to the public. While we are so grateful for the way our attendees embraced a virtual format in 2020, 2021, and 2022, words can’t describe how refreshing it was to gather in-person with our tech community again. This year, the conference was held at the University City Science Center. This felt fitting, as the Science Center…

Why Not Just Use Postgres?

My last few posts have focused on Redshift and Athena, two specialized tools for managing and querying Big Data. But there’s a meme that’s been floating around for at least a few years that you should just use Postgres for anything data-related. It may not provide all of the features and capabilities of a dedicated tool, but is one less thing to learn and manage. Should this advice also apply to your data warehouse?

Electron, not a walk in the park

Recently, a project I worked on was considering using Electron as a fallback technology for an initial Progressive Web Application. At the time, the assumption was that since Electron uses Chromium, a browser, it should allow application developers to not only use the features of a PWA but also gain native access to technologies, such as local databases, file storage, enhanced networking, and it should still be able to run the existing PWA service worker for offline support. After spending…

Enabling REPLs and conversations with Spring Boot using Spring Shell and JShell

Earlier this year at PhillyETE, we had a great talk by Avdi Grimm and Jessica Kerr, REPLs All The Way Up: A Rubric For Virtuous Feedback Loops. In this talk, one of the key theses was to find ways to make exploring your code easier, via REPLs, scenario setups and other means. Many years ago I used to mount the BeanShell servlet and export my Spring Context so I could write little scripts in a web page in a Spring…

How to run Apple OS X Sonoma Developer Beta on UTM from OS X Ventura

If you want to run OS X Sonoma, but can’t dedicate a computer to it, you could always install it on the UTM virtual machine engine. This allows you to test out Beta OS X features without taking over your primary machine’s OS. Pre-requisites: A Mac with Apple Silicon running OS X Ventura An Apple Developer account ($99 / yr) UTM (available on the Mac App Store) Steps: Download the IPFW restore file for OS X Sonoma for Apple Silicon…

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