Three Approaches to Deploying Lambdas

“Traditional” deployment patterns separate the application from its infrastructure. Lambda deployments turn this model on its head, binding the infrastructure tightly to the running code. This can be a challenge, especially when developing in a team: it is all too easy for one developer to accidentally overwrite another’s work. In this post I look at several deployment options, and how they impact a development team.

How to make a watch face for Garmin watches.

Time is an illusion. (Albert Einstein) Lunchtime – doubly so. (Douglas Adams) There’s a good chance you’re wearing a watch on your wrist right now, and if you’re not wearing a horologically significant or sentimental time piece you’re probably wearing a smart watch, and if you’re wearing a smart watch it should be a Garmin watch (they did NOT pay me to say this) Garmin watches are awesome. They are rugged, they hold the battery charge for days, some models…

Getting Started with Lambda Container Images

Lambda Container Images were announced at re:Invent 2020, providing a new way to build and deploy Lambda functions. They arrived just in time to solve an annoying build problem for me, so got my attention. And there weren’t any tutorials floating around when I first Googled, so I figured it was worth writing one. But first, let’s get one thing out of the way: Lambda Container Images are not a way to run arbitrary Docker images within the Lambda execution…

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