Limiting Cross-stack References in CDK

Several years ago I wrote CloudFormation Tips and Tricks, in which I gave the advice to “use outputs lavishly, exports sparingly.” The reason is that when you export a value from one stack and import it into another you bind those stacks tightly together, and can’t change that exported value. For example, you might create one stack with an ECS task definition, and then in a second stack create a Lambda and an EventBridge rule that triggers it when the…

One Chariot Consultant’s View: a 20th Anniversary Look Back in Technology

This month marks our 20th anniversary, and we’re celebrating by looking back on how we started Chariot, how we’ve grown and what we’ll do in the future. I’ve been with the company for 15 of those 20 years. Our founder, Mike Rappaport, recently posted a great history of the company that covers our overall philosophy, so I’ll avoid repeating any of that content. In this article, I’m going to focus on how software engineering at Chariot has changed over the…

AWS Lambda Development with Serverless Framework and LocalStack

Writing AWS Lambda functions using the Serverless Framework makes it easy to manage dependencies that your functions depend on as far as third-party packages or keeping track of the AWS resources that your service utilizes. The Serverless Framework automates a lot of the resource allocation and packaging of the functions with a CLI tool named “serverless”. When I develop serverless functions they can be difficult to debug without actually deploying the functions and that’s why I’ve incorporated the Serverless Offline…

The Serverless Stack (SST) Platform

Serverless Stack ( is another rapid serverless application development platform for AWS. SST (as it is also known) promises to streamline development and allow local debug of AWS Lambdas. It uses the AWS CDK and a set of its own constructs and configuration settings to make building serverless applications easier, and provide a more helpful developer experience by providing live debugging and updating of Lambda functions at development time. Lambdas support JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, Python, C# and F#, though at…

Why you should be writing your microservices in Go

Keep it simple, stupid. The KISS principle is one of my favorites. Often we are guilty of making systems unnecessarily complex. This creates a miserable cycle of working with these things that we create. Does it have to be this way? Go was designed with simplicity and ease of use top of mind. I’m claiming by using Go to build your next server/service the benefits will go beyond the performance of your software.

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