Hands on with EKS Pod Identity

Recently AWS released EKS Pod Identity which simplifies how cluster administrators can configure Kubernetes applications to obtain AWS IAM permissions. With Pod Identity you can assign an IAM role to a K8s service account using the new AWS API create-pod-identity-association and the EKS pod identity agent. When a pod starts with the associated service account, the identity agent will inject credentials so the pod can call AWS services. Here we will create a simple demo allowing a pod to access…

Client-side Data Persistence with IndexedDB

A Deep Dive into IndexedDB In a previous article, I compared client-side storage solutions: localStorage, sessionStorage, cookies, and touched briefly on IndexedDB. In the vast ecosystem of web storage solutions, IndexedDB stands out as a powerful, low-level API for client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data. While cookies, localStorage, and sessionStorage are suited for storing smaller data sets, IndexedDB is designed to manage larger volumes of data, including complex data types that shouldn’t be stored as strings like files…

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