Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference (ETE) 2021

Philly ETE 2021: May 4-6, 2021

Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference is back for 2021, with our best lineup yet. Keynote speakers include Alan Kay, object-oriented programming pioneer; Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist; Kent Beck, the father of extreme programming; and Jessica Kerr, symmathecist. Session speakers include Brian Goetz, Java architect; David Nolen, ClojureScript lead developer; Angie Jones, Java Champion; Nicole Forsgren, co-author of Accelerate; and many other authors, committers, and experts.

The program covers AWS, Project Loom, IaC, Web AR/VR, Micro Frontends, Testing ML-enabled applications, Chaos Engineering, Secure by Design, Golang, Systems Thinking; and much more. Get your ticket today for only $89!

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Executive Town Hall Series: Leadership strategies to drive innovation, growth, and resiliency

Being agile and innovative is more important than ever for all businesses, however this is more critical than ever for technology companies. The competition is high, change is constant, and business leaders are struggling to maintain company culture and differentiate themselves in an increasingly digital environment. Join us for a virtual town hall with Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chief Marketing Officer at Chariot Solutions and Founder of TechGirlz and Geeta Schmidt, CEO at Humio as they discuss leadership tactics and changes in…

30 Years of Linux and Open Source Software

Join Chariot Solutions as we review our own history with Linux and Open Source over the last 20 years, and discuss the future of Open Source with Nithya Ruff, Chair of the Linux Foundation Board of Directors.

ProductTank Philly — Play & Plan

Join us this month as we try something new. We’ll be dabbling in ‘Liberating Structures’, a collection of methods/exercises that foster lively participation in groups of any size.

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