Eric Snyder


At the time of this writing the main AWS landing page lists twenty product categories, under which is an overwhelming number of resources to be deployed and configured. All resources can be created and configured via the collection of AWS consoles (the web UIs) and while this is probably the simplest option it does not … Read More

Twilio SMS Receive – Crazy Simple

Twilio is a cloud based service that enables you to programmatically make and receive phone calls and SMS messages using their simple API. We’ll see how to receive and send SMS messages using Twilio and a simple Django app.

Android Data Sync

If you have an Android app that 1) reads and/or writes data from a SQLite database and 2) needs to update that data periodically from another source, say a RESTful web service then one approach you can take is to hook into the Android Sync Service. I recently created an Android project with a Sync Adapter to consume and publish data to a simple Go RESTful web service and I’d like to share what I’ve learned.