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TechChat Tuesdays #6: July 28, 2020

Ken and Becca riff on some recent dev/tech news: Grant Imahara, of Mythbuster fame, and his passing (RIP), tech solutions for beauty companies impacted by Coronavirus, SQL tricks, podcasts we’re really into, and a short rant from Ken on serverless.

TechChat Tuesdays #1.00001: Wherein we talk WWDC, and other things

Ken Rimple is joined on this broadcast by experts and leaders of Chariot Solutions – Steve Smith, Mobile Practice Lead, and Don Coleman, Chief Innovation Officer. We’ll talk about some of the innovations announced at WWDC this year. And other things could come up as well.

TechCast #117 – Drew DeCarme & Matt Gilbride

Docker, TypeScript, React and Lerna FTW! In TechCast #117, Ken Rimple, Drew DeCarme, and Matt Gilbride reflect on the technologies and techniques they used to stand up a Docker-based web application on AWS.

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