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D2C242: Data Engineering and its Streams, Rivers, and Lakes

Keith Gregory teaches Day Two Cloud about data engineering in a way DevOps folks (and hydrologists) can understand. He explains that the role of a data engineer is to create pipelines to transport data from metaphorical rivers and make it usable for data analysts. Keith walks us through the testing process; the difference between streaming pipelines and polling pipelines; and the difference between data lakes and data warehouses. Plus, he explains terms that network engineers and developers might bump into…

TechChat Tuesdays #66: The DevOps of Sports Betting with Drew Rogers

Today we talk to our own Drew Rogers about some of the nuanced aspects of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Development Operations (DevOps) within the rapidly evolving domain of sports betting.

TechChat Tuesdays #65: Redshift Execution Plans with Keith Gregory

In this week’s TechChat, we welcome Keith Gregory, our Cloud & Data Engineering Practice Lead here at Chariot. Keith is a prolific writer both on the Chariot blog as well as on his own, and is a wealth of knowledge on all things AWS. We touch on Redshift execution plans, how to appropriately size Redshift instances, a performance comparison between Amazon Redshift and Athena, and the value of AWS certificates. And if you’re going to the AWS Summit in NYC…

TechChat Tuesdays #61: Yehuda Katz & Russ Danner

Today we welcome two speakers from our upcoming Philly Emerging Tech conference: Yehuda Katz and Russ Danner! Yehuda Katz is the founder of creator of the Starbeam.js and EmberJS framework, among many others. He is also a Philly ETE veteran, having spoken at many of our conferences in the past. Russ Danner is the VP of Product at CrafterCMS, an enterprise-grade headless CMS. He’ll be speaking about how to build and deploy omni-channel solutions, and how to deal with the…

TechChat Tuesdays #59: Project Valhalla, Sandpack 2.0, and Developing Cross-Platform Apps

Hosts Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia riff on the latest dev news with a look inside Valhalla, Sandpack 2.0, findings from the latest JS survey, and developing cross-platform apps.

TechChat Tuesdays #58: A “Qwik” Front-End Episode with Drew DeCarme

Host Ken Rimple welcomes Chariot consultant and resident front-end expert Drew DeCarme to the show. The two talk TypeScript 5.0, specifying Javascript with the TC39, Qwik, and more. Host Notes Philly Emerging Tech is back for 2023! We’re back in-person, with a livestream ticket option as well. In-person seating is limited, so take advantage of our early bird pricing now. Check out the website for lineup, tickets, and more details. In fact, our guest Drew DeCarme is speaking at Philly…

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