Philly ETE 2019 – Don Coleman – WTF IoT or IoT FTW?

Abstract What is the Internet of Things? Does adding the internet to a device (or thing) make it better or does it just create more problems? What has IoT done well? What are some problem with IoT? What can be done better? About Don: Don is a software developer who enjoys hacking with phones, Arduino, and other hardware. He works as the CIO of Chariot Solutions, and is an adjunct professor at NYU. Don is the co-author of Make:Bluetooth and Beginning NFC.

Philly ETE 2019 – Ken Rimple – Making SPA Smarter with GraphQL

Abstract GraphQL is a client/server API specification for submitting queries, updates and subscribing to data, and it’s been an interesting replacement technology for JSON in single page applications. Originally created for the Facebook application in 2012, it began life serving the graph of connections between people, posts, and other related data. Ultimately, Facebook open-sourced the relay server and the API was published as a standard. This was followed by other client-and-server-side implementations such as Prisma’s Apollo client and server, and…

ng-conf 2019 – Ken Rimple – Introduction to Docker for Developers

Setup If you plan on following along you should have installed Docker and it should be running on your computer. Make sure you’ve created a free account on Docker and signed into it with docker login from your command line. A quick call to docker run alpine echo ‘hi there’ should verify that the engine is up and running by downloading the alpine linux container and running a simple echo command. On Windows, you will need to run Linux containers for the seminar, and this can…

Single-Page Application Day – React: Lean, Mean, and Travels in a Pack with other APIs – James Kent & Matt Gilbride

Abstract Introduced in 2013, React’s rapid adoption by the front-end community is not something to be ignored. Unlike most other front-end frameworks available today, React is not a full end-to-end solution. While this may make it easier to introduce to an existing front-end, it can be hard to find your footing. This talk will dive into the evolution of React, its build system and popular libraries used for accomplishing routing, state management and testing. View Screencast View the code from…

Single-Page Application Day – Server Architectures With Node – Jeff Labonski

Abstract Why should the browsers have all the fun? With Node, you can leverage your language skills across the backend as well. Take a dive into writing servers to support your SPA, issues peculiar to node, and pitfalls that may ensnare. We’ll look at core of v8, modules, promises/async, all the way up to client facing code using the Walmart stack (hapi, joi, boom, good, etc…) View the code from Single Page Application Day on GitHub Presentation

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