Chariot Day 2017


A few weeks ago, we held our internal conference entitled Chariot Day.  A longstanding annual tradition, the event gives us an opportunity to showcase pretty much anything we Charioteers are passionate about…from a deep dive on the burgeoning all-electric vehicle market, to home-cooked-home-security, to bleeding edge technologies we are proving out on real projects.  Having started here in May, this was my first such event.  The idea of Chariot Day was one of the things that drew me to join our merry band of tech nerds, and it did not disappoint.  Here’s a taste of what went down:

  • What You Need To Know About Electric Vehicles
  • Alexa, tell me more about AWS and Google Home
  • Raspberry Pi Zero: Home Made Security Camera on the Rocks
  • Managing your Personal Finances with Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin
  • Serialization Formats Deep Dive
  • Zooming in on NYC Taxi Data with Portal
  • Designing Successful User Interfaces
  • Clojure & Spec
  • Learn from Design Thinking
  • React and Friends
  • Clojure on a Real project
  • Choosing Wireless Technology for Your Project

At Chariot, we are committed to learning new technologies and new ways of doing things.  While we hold this event just one Saturday a year, many of us are tinkering with these things year-around.  We do it because it helps us make our clients successful, but also just….because.  Being around so many incredibly curious and capable people is what makes working at Chariot so rewarding.  I’m truly looking forward to watching these topics evolve as we do.  Here’s to next year…