Chariot iPhone Application to Monitor Java App Servers



We at Chariot have been working on an iPhone application to monitor Java EE application servers. Dubbed “ServerMonitor,” the application can connect to an application server and monitor various aspects of the system.
The application uses RESTful web services to communicate with a monitoring web application. This web application communicates with the JMX Server on the application server and relays the information to the iPhone client.



Although this is an alpha version of the application, and we are soliciting feedback, we have implemented several key features. First, the application servers can be monitored for various statistics, such as JVM Heap usage or number of open connections. Warnings (shown in yellow) and errors (shown in red) are displayed as the servers are polled for appropriate statistics.

Server information is pulled from the running instance, and the server status indicator changes color and errors are displayed. Servers can be polled based on a configuration setting, which can be changed to lower or higher time delays.

Project Status

Currently the Server Monitor project is being readied for alpha testing, and we are looking for interested customers to help us implement features and functionality to make the tool as feature rich as possible. For more information, or to participate in shaping the product, please contact Tracey Welson-Rossman.