Isobar Create 48 – A Solution to Parking Hassles Using NFC


Recently, Chariot’s Director of Consulting, Don Coleman, participated in the Isobar Create 48 NFC Hackathon in Boston. Below is an excerpt from his blog about his experience and his team’s second place finish.

My friend Chris Bernardi invited me to join his team for the Isobar Create 48 NFC Hackathon along with April DiMartino and Marc Neuwirth. The event kicked off on Tuesday around 3 PM at Space with a Soul. Before the hackathon there were some general Near Field Communication (NFC) presentations by Isobar, Nokia and ICS. After the NFC intro, they kicked out the people who came for the presentations so we could get started.

None of us came to the hackathon with the killer application idea. We brainstormed for a while, discarding lots of half-baked ideas and ended up deciding to build an NFC solution to make parking better. We came up with a bunch of scenarios, but decided to limit our initial implementation to garages with entrance and exit gates, so it was easier to track inventory.

April does an excellent job describing our application:
The working title of the app is “I Got Your Ticket Right Here” and is best understood when said with a Brooklyn NY accent 😉 We haven’t worked out a shorter and more appropriate title for it yet. So for purposes of this I will simply refer to it as the Parking app.

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