Philly ETE 2011 mobile line up!

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This post is via Kevin Griffin, Chariot Architect and committee chair of the Mobile tract for ETE: Philly ETE 2011 mobile line up!

Just thought I would post an update on the current lineup for Philly ETE.

I’ve been involved in helping get the mobile track lineup sorted out and so far we have confirmed the following:

  • Josh Clark – my favorite ‘Tapworthy‘ author.
  • Johnathon Stark – He literally wrote the books on making mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Ted Neward – If you are lazy, and want to write Android apps, he has the talk for you!
  • Jay McGavren – If you want to write Android apps, in Ruby (Oh yeah!) This is the talk for you (personally, I can’t wait for this one!).
  • Terry Ryan – Philly Evangelist from Adobe who will use Air, to build Playbook apps. Magic!
  • David Kaneda – Although technically on the Frameworks track. Go build your mobile apps in Sencha Touch, seriously go now! That way you can thank him at ETE!

With one super secret invite still pending 😀