PhoneGap Tutorial Series – #6 Writing Your Own Plugin

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This is the last of the series Hiedi Utley has written on PhoneGap.  I hope you have found the series helpful.  We hope to have more of this type of blog post in the future to help with developing mobile applications.

How to Create Your Own PhoneGap Plugin

Today’s topic is about creating your own PhoneGap plugin for iOS development. PhoneGap provides a whole array of built in features to access all sorts of things on a device but what if you want to do something that is not already supported and has not already been provided by a third-party plugin? Stop fretting, just like adding a third-party plugin, if you can write a little Objective-C then you can add your own plugin to PhoneGap as well.

In order to create your own plugin you will have to be somewhat familiar with JavaScript as well as Objective-C. This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with JavaScript, Objective-C, the iOS SDK, and the XCode development environment. This post also assumes that you are familiar with the PhoneGap project structure and the PhoneGap plugin architecture, so you may want to peruse some of my earlier posts before continuing on if you haven’t already.

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