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Our employees and the values they bring to their work is the true Chariot Difference. That’s why we only hire individuals that share our values and standards for teamwork, communication, common sense and continual learning. Our consultants see client work as a learning opportunity and a new challenge to overcome. They love working with new people and, since we are in the people business, it’s a perfect fit.

Open Positions

Our Culture

Why work at Chariot?

Grow as a developer

“I absolutely love the variety of consulting. At no point on any client project have I sat back and used the same skill set, or tech stack, over and over again.”

Share knowledge with bright colleagues

“Sometimes the expert answer is to say, ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out.’ We lean on people in the company to bounce ideas off of — there’s a huge network of hundreds of years of experience combined.”

Balance work and life

“If I need to schedule a dentist appointment at noon on a Tuesday, I schedule it, I go, and then I come back and get my work done. We’re treated like professionals, and trusted to do our job. There’s no micro-management here.”

Work with genuinely nice people

“The caliber of my colleagues is impressive, which you’d think could be breeding grounds for a ton of ego: but there’s none of that here.”

Perks & Benefits

We’re committed to the well being of our employees.

Full Health Coverage

We take care of health, dental, and vision insurance – 100% paid for you and your family, with zero deductible. Not to mention paid maternity, paternity and parental leave, short and long term disability, and a subsidized gym membership.

Ample Time Off and Flexible Schedule

We offer at least 24 days of paid time off (PTO) annually (including holidays). Partial days are paid in full, and do not come out of your PTO. In addition, our employees enjoy a flexible schedule and work from home opportunities.

Work/Life Balance

It’s typically a 40-hour work week here. This leaves plenty of time for family and time outside of work. We firmly believe in a sustainable environment that avoids “burnout”.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Attend multiple tech conferences annually, including a conference of your choice, Philly ETE and Chariot Day (our own internal tech conference). We’re deeply involved in our community, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to present at conferences, meetups, and workshops.

New Gear

When you work for us, you’ll receive a top of the line MacBook Pro or equivalent.

Financial Benefits

We offer a competitive 401(k) retirement plan, flexible spending account (FSA), and an opportunity to receive company equity.

Open Positions

We have no open positions at this time. Please continue to check this space for future opportunities.

How can we help you?

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