Interview Process

What To Expect

We try our best to schedule the interviews around what works best for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions at any point. In fact, we highly encourage it!

Pre Screen (30 minutes): A casual chat with someone from our recruiting team, where we get to know each other and determine if Chariot is a good fit for you. If the time is not right, don’t worry – we’ll keep in touch!

Phone Screen (30-45 minutes): Someone from our technical staff will ask you questions about your experience, and a few technical questions in the area / language you’re strongest in. We recommend talking about a few of your contributions in detail – explaining the what, why, and how. Let us know what you’re proud of!

Code Test & Mock Consulting Scenario (2 hours)
Code Test: No puzzles, algorithms, or arcane data structures questions – we promise! We want to see how you think, how you code, and how you communicate while doing it. Talking is encouraged! Coding is not an extreme sport, and no engineer wants to be judged under pressure. We get it, and want to make this as smooth as possible – you get access to relevant documentation (SDKs, APIs) and get to choose Windows or Linux, and IDE (Intellij CE, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, etc.).

Mock Consulting Scenario: Consulting is the name of the game! At Chariot, we get to learn a lot about challenges our clients face, and they look to us to provide reliable solutions. You’ll get to play consultant, and we’ll be the client. We’ll present a problem, and you’ll try to find out more along the way – ask anything – all questions are fair game. We’ll then switch back to being Chariot, where you will present your understanding of the problem, along with a high level approach and architecture.

Technical Chat with CTO (30 minutes to 1 hour): Our CTO loves to learn more about you – what makes you tick, what technologies you’re fond of and why, and you’ll be asked to explain some technical decisions you made on recent projects. We’re trying to figure out where you’d best fit initially.

Offer (30 minutes to 1 hour): Congratulations! Woohoo! You get to chat with our CEO, Mike Rappaport. We should let you know – HE LOVES to talk about Chariot! He’s ultra passionate about Chariot, and empowers us everyday to build a stronger company, led by engineers. Extending you an offer is the favorite part of his job.

What’s It Like to Work Here?

“They treat us like professionals. They trust us to do our job. There’s no micro-management, there’s no attitudes. We want our consultants to be happy in what they do: professionally and personally.” Our Mobile Engineering Lead, Steve Smith, shares his take on why he chose to work at Chariot: the mentorship and support, the flexibility, and why he stays here.

Apply today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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