Amazon Web Services Project Streams Apps to Any Device

Chariot plays a key role in delivering a new Amazon Web Service within a very aggressive timeframe.

Chariot Solutions assisted Amazon in the successful launch of a new Amazon Web Service, AppStream. The team worked on two projects to support this new web service: Sample Entitlement Service and the AppStream Console.

The Sample Entitlement Service is a service that AppStream developers use to authorize their clients (the actual end user, i.e. the person playing a game) to engage the AppStream service for a specific application. Chariot delivered changes that included adding an administrative UI and various authorization handlers, which included plug-ins that permit different types of authorization such as OAuth with Amazon, Facebook, Github and Twitter.

The AppStream Console is the GUI that developers use to manage (create, update, delete, archive and monitor) applications in the AppStream service. Chariot assisted with the implementation of features in the AppStream Console.

Chariot played a key role in the successful delivery of Amazon’s new web service within a very aggressive timeframe.

Technologies Used

  • Sample Entitlement Service
  • Java
  • Spring

AppStream Console

  • Java
  • GWT

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