Chariot Serves as In-House Development Team for CRO

With the advent of cloud storage, just about any size company can rapidly amass an overwhelming amount of data. The challenge is handling information in a way that helps your company grow.

Quality Data Services (QDS) came to Chariot with an large amount of data gathered in the course of doing business as a contract research organization (CRO). QDS provides clinical monitoring, data and safety management, biostatistical analysis and reporting, and medical writing services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Quick Success, Quick Scalability

QDS needed an app for clinical trial data management, and the internal team had developed an initial version of an app called QDR. But that app grew too complex for the internal team to maintain the quality and reliability needed to expand the business. It was good, but it needed to be better.

That’s when QDS reached out to Chariot for help. An initial round of performance and stability improvements throughout the application drastically lowered page load times throughout, and eliminated instability in some problematic back end processes.

After Chariot’s quick success adding scalability and stability to the QDR app, QDS then tasked Chariot with building out a new Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) component in the application. Chariot then added three major new components for Dictionary Encoding, Interactive Web Randomization and Pharmacovigilance, as well as a smaller E-Diary component to allow direct patient reporting.

Shared Data, Reduced Human Error

Chariot also enhanced the application by incorporating human workflow steps into the system. Processes that were once carried out entirely outside of the QDR application were moved into QDR. Data is no longer siloed and now everyone has access to previously closed systems.

QDS now has detailed tracking of previously human process steps. Additionally, QDS responds more quickly and accurately to FDA reporting requirements when the need arises.

Chariot Enables Global Reach, Greater Security

As QDS grew, it acquired international clients, and a new set of challenges. While the initial version of QDR was primarily focused on US clients, the global client base accesses the app around the clock. Chariot made improvements to accommodate round the clock usage. A comprehensive security overhaul of the application and more control over user permissions enables QDS to more easily set up end users with custom feature sets.

Technologies used:

  • Spring MVC
  • JPA
  • jQuery

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