Global Lighting Tech Leader Taps Chariot for Smart Home App

Smart home technology is a fast growth industry. In 2019, just one-third of homes in the United States were equipped with devices to control lighting, security, climate, entertainment and more. That number is expected to reach over 50 percent by 2024. 

Manufacturers like Legrand North America are looking for ways to win in the smart home marketplace. The North American division is the company’s largest. Its headquarters are in Limoges, France. 

Blending Hardware & Software

Legrand, a global industry leader in electronic switches and outlets, tasked Chariot Solutions with building a cloud based, WiFi-enabled consumer home lighting automation system. The smart system required excellent security, an elegant user interface and a competitive price.

Legrand’s previous smart home product, its initial foray into the market, ran on radio frequency communication through a home automation hub. The manufacturer wanted to eliminate the hub and run the entire program in the cloud, replacing the hub with a mobile app.

To build the Smart Lights app, Chariot deployed its tech expertise and lent leadership to Pass & Seymour, Legrand’s internal team. The result is a next generation smart home lighting product that allows mobile software to control hardware. While the consumer experience is simple and seamless, it’s a complex process behind the scenes. 

Better Partnerships, Better Security

For IoT implementation, the group chose hardware developed by Samsung. Its Artik Cloud platform enables open data exchange. Consumers can choose from in-wall or plug-in switches and dimmers. To allow all switches and dimmers to work in concert, Chariot created software to run the smart home using a thread mesh network that connects devices to the cloud. 

Consumers control home lighting through custom Android and iOS mobile apps. To lock down security, Chariot extended the OCF standard to create a stronger digital shield.

Switch & Dimmer System That Runs on WiFi

Chariot helped Legrand claim success in the smart home market. With Legrand’s new product, the homeowner can change individual lights, or choose from one of several custom scenes. For example, a scene called Movietime tells the system to turn off family room lamps, turn on the television, and adjust a dimmer to 35 percent. The app can also schedule timed lighting adjustments, like turning off outdoor lights at sunrise.

Legrand’s intuitive system, powered by Chariot’s experienced team of developers and project managers, is compatible with other smart home brands. It’s now available to consumers through major retailers including Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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