Watch it Now: Chariot Migrates Telecom Platform to AWS

A global media and technology company based in Philadelphia engages and maintains television subscribers with personalized solutions. Customers want live streams, on demand, DVR, smart shortcuts and they want it fast. Multiply that by millions of customers, all at the same time.

Migration to the Cloud

Imagine the unimaginable streams of real time data feeding the pipeline, and all that data coming out the other end. The platform uses algorithms for recommendation engines, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Chariot developers, working alongside internal engineers, shifted the technology stack to AWS. Data processing and storage initiated a migration process from a popular Apache based cloud platform provider to the more efficient suite of Amazon Web Services.

Chariot’s engineers created a data pipeline that could handle a diverse range of signals from streaming sources. The signal data included channel tunes, page views, searches and program rentals. It was stored on Amazon’s S3 cloud platform in a compressed Avro format.

The Chariot engineering team managed the integration of streaming sources including Kafka topics and Kinesis streams and moved the Amazon’s EMR with tools like Spark and Flink. The migrated platform takes advantage of AWS Lambda serverless development. It provides improved uptime, better data currency, and evolution of recommender models.

By migrating to AWS cloud products, the telecom moved from relatively inflexible bare-metal servers to an elastic environment that scales up or down as needed. This shift has had unexpected benefits to the workplace. It’s a much more collaborative environment, and the team responds to more business requests.

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