With Chariot’s Help, Financial Services Startup Tackles Big Challenge

When a startup lands its first big customer, tensions run high. Moven, a financial services company, built a groundbreaking mobile app that got the attention of some big players. TD Canada Trust came calling for a white label version. The initial transaction gateway could handle some traffic, but a major player like TD, with millions of customers on the app at any given moment, threatened to crash the system. Moven could not afford one misstep, and that’s why they turned to Chariot Solutions.

Money Manager on Demand

Moven’s financial wellness app tracks spending in real time. Moven sees transactions, does an instant analysis, and provides financial advice on the spot. A purchase triggers an immediate notification, along with some advice. If a user buys a cup of coffee, she gets a message telling her that she’s already spent $35 on coffee this month. It’s like having a money manager in one’s pocket.

Smooth functionality was vital to the TD Canada launch. It was critical to ensure that this key customer went live without a hitch. If the bank’s customers opened the app and had a terrible first experience, Moven would be sunk.

Chariot’s team of developers were tasked with boosting performance to achieve launch goals. In order to to process many transactions, Chariot helped Moven build a better transaction gateway using Amazon AWS and NodeJS. 

A Million Transactions at Once

The developers simulated the actions of a million concurrent users to ensure that the system could handle a potentially crushing load. The team ran simulations in order to find and fix weaknesses in the system. The software engineers went through a process of designing, finding and fixing peak time performance bugs.

Moven Makes Moves

The TD Canada Trust launch was a massive success. The app is popular with millennials, a key demographic in banking. Acquisition and service costs were dramatically reduced, while customer engagement soared.

Chariot played a major part in Moven’s achievements because it brought all of its expertise to the effort. Working together, Chariot ensured that user demand would never crash the system. Since the TD partnership, Moven continues to grow, both as a brand and as an enterprise solution on a global level.

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