Design for Developers Workshop

Give your development team a solid UX Design foundation

Chariot will work with you to determine your team’s current level of design understanding and which aspects of UX & Product Design training would be most beneficial. We’ll customize the training to suit your specific needs.

We’ll cover many topics from UX best practices and UI design principles to Design Thinking and documenting user-flows. We review common software pitfalls and how even a little design knowledge can help mitigate many of them. We will cover the creation and maintenance of Design Systems as well as other tips and techniques for fostering healthy cross-team collaboration.

Two designers evaluating a product's UX

The benefits of arming software development teams with design best practices

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Increased Efficiency
Efficiency means building something that meets the technical requirements and works for the end-user the first time. By doing this we avoid spending precious time ‘refactoring’ our software in the future. Simply put, when developers have a solid understanding of design best-practices the whole team moves faster.

Build a Better Product
Being armed with solid design tips and tricks will help avoid the accumulation of ‘UX-debt’ which, like tech-debt, can have a major impact on the quality of a product. Your team will hone their intuitions about how to best build software based on tried-and-true software design principles.

Improve Collaboration Across Teams
Great collaboration comes from an understanding and appreciation for our teammates. Just as designers should learn the basic principles of development, so should developers learn the foundations of UX design. Having this overlap in understanding makes for mutual respect and more productive collaboration.

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