ETE 2021: Resources

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Making Progress: A Keynote by Alan Kay

Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones: Sensing A Business Environment Before Taking Action
Simon Wardley — Creator, Wardley Mapping

Automerge: A New Foundation for Collaboration Software
Martin Kleppmann — Author, Design Data-Intensive Applications

Secure by Design: Insights & Pitfalls
Dan Bergh Johnsson and Daniel Deogun — Co-Authors, Secure by Design; VPs, Omegapoint

Journey to the Center of the JVM
Daniel Spiewak — Principal Engineer, Disney Streaming Services

How to Break Down Silos in Your Organization and Collaborate Openly
Nithya Ruff — Executive Director of the Open Source Program Office, Comcast; Chair of The Linux Foundation

What Makes Golang Go: The Power of Go Interfaces
Ricardo Gerardi — Author, Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go

Modern (In)Efficiencies: Performance on Modern Hardware
Todd Montgomery — Committer, Agrona, Aeron, RSocket, and FIX SBE

Open Source on Steroids: From Experiment to Global Impact in 7 Days
Michael Becker — Senior Data Scientist, Penn Medicine

The SPACE of Developer Productivity: There’s More To It Than You Think
Dr. Nicole Forsgren — VP of Research & Strategy, Github; Co-author of Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Designing Calm Technology: A Keynote by Amber Case
Cyborg Anthropologist; Author, Calm Technology

Augmented Reality on the Web
Ada Rose Cannon — Co-chair, W3C Immersive Web Groups; Developer Advocate, Samsung Internet

Prioritizing Technical Debt as if Money and Time Matters
Adam Tornhill — Founder & CEO, CodeScene; Author of Your Code as a Crime Scene and Software Design X-Rays

AMA About the Java Language
Brian Goetz & Nicolai Parlog — Java Language Architect; Java Developer Advocate, Oracle

QA for AI: The Reality of Developing an Artificial World
Angie Jones — Java Champion; Principal Developer Advocate, Applitools

Chaos Engineering: When The Network Breaks
Tammy Bryant Butow — Principal SRE, Gremlin

Supercharge Your Data Graph with Apollo Federation
Mandi Wise — Solutions Architect, Apollo Graph Inc.

Cloud Engineering: Developers and Infrastructure Teams Together, At Last
Joe Duffy — Founder & CEO, Pulumi

From Big Bangs To Crockpots: Strategies For Changing Prod With No Downtime
Ryan Bergman — Lead Product Engineer, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group

Some Like It Hot: Choosing a System for Large-Scale Data Analysis
Gian Merlino — PMC Chair, Apache Druid

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Dual Keynote by Jessica Kerr & Kent Beck

Micro Frontends: Slicing the Frontend Monolith
Michael Geers — Author, Micro Frontends in Action

Doing More by Doing Less: A Loafers Guide to Software Engineering
Leemay Nassery & Matthew Hawthorne — Engineering Manager, Spotify; and Engineer, Comcast

Observability and You
Keith Gregory — AWS Practice Lead, Chariot Solutions

ClojureScript in the age of TypeScript
David Nolen — Senior Software Engineer,

Project Loom: Modern Scalable Concurrency for the Java Platform
Ron Pressler — Technical Lead, OpenJDK Project Loom

Cutting Code Quickly: From 0% to Cleanly Refactored 100% Tested Code
Llewellyn Falco — Creator,

This Doesn’t Add Up: Failing at Change, and How to Try Different, Not Harder
GeePaw Hill — Software Development Coach

The Edges of Cutting-Edge Languages: Where does the language end and “user space” begin?
Richard Feldman — Author, Elm in Action