Chariot’s CIO, Don Coleman, is speaking at Phone Gap Day on Bluetooth Low Energy.

Hands-on Bluetooth Low Energy


You’ve heard a lot about Bluetooth low energy, but do you understand how it works? This workshop will give you a chance to get hands-on experience building PhoneGap applications that interact with Bluetooth Smart devices. We will cover Bluetooth LE concepts like services and characteristics while we are building the software. The mobile application will be written with PhoneGap so it will run on iOS or Android. The phone will control hardware via Bluetooth LE, and automatically receive notifications when something changes on the peripheral. Participants will be required to bring a laptop and are encouraged to bring a Bluetooth LE-capable iOS or Android phone. There will be a limited number of phones that people can borrow for the workshop. Familiarity with at least one programming language is helpful but not required. A list of required free software will be sent to attendees before the workshop.

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About Don Coleman

Director, Chariot Solutions

Don enjoys hacking with phones, Arduino and other hardware. He has written PhoneGap plugins for Bluetooth and NFC. Don is the co-author of “Make:Bluetooth” and “Beginning NFC”.