Emerging Tech Workshops

Date: 11/14/17

Check in/Registration: 8:30

Breakfast: 8:30-9:15

Sessions Start: 9:15

Sessions End: 12:30

Location: Dave and Busters Plymouth Meeting

Regular Price $65

Join Chariot Solutions as we present 3 workshops impacting business and software development. Choose from one of these hands on, 3 hour workshops of either React, IoT or Alexa. Space is very limited, so reserve your spot today. When registering, please make only one selection.

IoT Workshop

To Be Rescheduled

Don Coleman

This hands on-workshop will teach you how to build and program an IoT device using the Particle Photon. Your sensor will send data to and receive data from the Particle Cloud. You will also build a Nodejs program to interact with your device through the Particle Cloud.

Some programming experience is helpful but not required. Each participant will receive a hardware development kit containing an Particle Photon microcontroller and the components required for the class.

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Building Alexa Skills (Apps)

To Be Rescheduled

Aaron Mulder

In this workshop, you’ll build your first Alexa skills, using an AWS Lambda back end. We’ll go through the process of signing up for Amazon Developer and AWS accounts, building and testing a basic Lambda function that runs in Node.js, configuring an Alexa skill around that Lambda function, and testing your Alexa skills in the developer console and on a real device or the Echo Simulator. Building on this first skill, we’ll look at more complex skills with state management and conversational input.

Bring your ideas for a voice-interactive skill, because by the end of this workshop, you’ll have the experience you need to build it!

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Reactive React, Really

Ken Rimple

Learn how to manage state in a React application by having some fun. We’ll use the concept of a scaled-down “nethack/empire-like” RPG game and develop it using React and Redux and various other helper libraries. Nothing super difficult, just good clean 20-sided die rolls and the death of many Orks. Or something like that.

Bring your laptop loaded with the NPM module ‘create-react-app’ and Node 7+ and get ready to ROCK!

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