ETE 2021: Watch Party


This year’s Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise had a lineup that wasn’t to be missed. The videos have been exclusive to the attendees, but all 30 talks will be released the first week of August. Our team at Chariot decided to celebrate the release of the videos from Philly ETE 2021 with an all-day watch party of 8 of the talks. Join us as we watch the following talks, and have open discussions with other viewers.

The videos will run continuously throughout the day, so feel free to hop in and out.


  1. Keynote: Making Progress by Alan Kay
  2. Keynote: Designing Calm Technology by Amber Case
  3. Keynote: Systems Thinking by Kent Beck & Jessica Kerr
  4. Observability and You by Keith Gregory
  5. AMA About the Java Language by Brian Goetz and Nicolai Parlog
  6. Journey to the Center of the JVM by Daniel Spiewak
  7. ClojureScript in the Age of TypeScript by David Nolen
  8. Doing More By Doing Less: A Loafer’s Guide to Software Engineering by Leemay Nassery & Matthew Hawthorne


Price: Free, but registration is required.
Date: Wednesday, August 4th
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

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