Practical Insights for Navigating iOS Upgrades


Each year, Apple releases a litany of new features and APIs for developers to move into the future… usually by leaving some of the past behind. The transition from iOS 15 to iOS 16 was a particularly large jump: with major innovations like Swift Concurrency and the deprecation of the ubiquitous NavigationView, there were plenty of hurdles to clear in this update, but also many benefits to gain.

This talk, delivered by our own Senior iOS Consultant Michael Hulet, tells the story of how Journal My Health upgraded its minimum version from iOS 15 to iOS 16. Through this case study, you’ll learn the significance of key innovations, how to implement a strategy for iOS upgrades down the road, and practical solutions for overcoming challenges.

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Date: Wednesday, January 10th, 2024
Time: 2PM EST
Location: Virtual
Cost: Free, but registration is required

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