Meetup — Let’s Get Physical: Optimizing Big Data


Fifty years of relational databases and online transaction processing have ingrained in us patterns of thought that do not translate neatly to the world of big data. Rather than focus on the traversal of individual entities, we must instead think in terms of large-scale set operations that exploit the parallelism of the underlying service. In this talk at the Greater Philadelphia AWS User Group, Keith Gregory will look at performance optimization in both Redshift and Athena. He will discuss the architectures of each, and the techniques used to extract maximum query performance from those architectures.


Wednesday, June 28th 2023 from 6PM to 8PM
Location: HealthVerity, 1818 Market St #700, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Directions)
Cost: Free

About Keith

Keith Gregory is our AWS Practice Lead here at Chariot. He has been programming computers since 1977, and getting paid for it since 1984. He first started working with relational database systems in 1989, and with big data in 1992. A large part of that time has been spent in database performance optimization.

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