ProductTank Philly — Play & Plan


Join us this month as we try something new. We’ll be dabbling in ‘Liberating Structures’, a collection of methods/exercises that foster lively participation in groups of any size. These ‘microstructures’ encourage playful curiosity, help build trust within teams, and make it possible to include and engage everyone. You’ll be able to take these exercises back and run them with your own team!

The goal of this month’s event is to put our heads together to make 2021 an outstanding year for our community. We will use interactive exercises to share and discuss ideas for topics, speakers, event formats, etc. We want to ensure that we are holding events that you are interested in…so come and add your voice to the mix!

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Date & Time

Tuesday, February 16, 2020
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM EST


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