ProductTank Philly — Breaking Into Product Management: Where to begin and keys to win!


There are almost as many pathways into product management as there are product managers. Join us as we hear from 4 product managers with vastly different journeys into their current profession.

This is NOT a panel…each speaker will give a short yet powerful presentation where they share how they got started, the choices they made that shaped their careers, and their keys to success.

Whether you’re looking for your first gig in product or seeking some guidance on how you can deliberately shape your career path, you are sure to get some ideas and inspiration from these exceptional speakers.

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Date & Time

Tuesday, November 17, 2020
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM EDT


Shehzan Mohammed
Background: Engineer

Shehzan leads Cesium’s product management team and works with all other teams to champion, support, and serve our customers. Shehzan focuses on outward-facing engineering, partnerships, customer support, and promoting features for development that will have the greatest impact for Cesium users. He also contributes to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to advance open standards for geospatial applications and he is a frequent contributor and speaker on 3D geospatial technology.

Kim McKenna
Background: Marketing

As Director of Product Management at ADP, Kim does more than just make presentations and talk about scope creep. With over ten years of experience successfully leading teams on complex digital transformation journeys, she is on a mission to put the “human” back in the often challenging world of HR management. Kim believes that great products start with amazing cross-functional teams and that with curiosity, honesty, trust, and well-defined OKRs, anything is possible.

Alex Schechter
Background: Visual Design, Marketing, UX

Alex works as Product Manager for NeuroFlow, a leading health-tech startup in Philadelphia that values curiosity, innovation, and agile processes. He graduated from Skidmore College with a major in communication design and minors in business and arts administration. Since graduation, he’s developed a background in product management, product design, UX, interaction, visual design, business development, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, and business strategy. As a digital product accelerator, Alex has worn multiple hats on agency, in-house, and remote teams. His long-term career objective is to lead the interpretation and execution of user-centered solutions that improve products with meaningful impacts. His work can be found at

Camil Lafreniere
Background: MBA, Customer Experience, QA

Camil is a Senior Product Manager at Newforma. He comes from the Great White North, not only a Canadian but was born well above the 60th parallel and he’s seen all three oceans surrounding Canada. Though getting a late start into Software and Product, he got his pilot’s license years before getting his driver’s license. He could fly a plane, but could not get to the airport!

Anand Mudaliar
Background: QA, Business Analyst

Anand is the Lead Product Owner at Vanguard, where he is responsible for driving Vanguard’s mobile strategy. Anand believes the value is in what gets used, not in what gets built. Before Vanguard, Anand was a Sr. Product Manager at AT&T working on their internet product companion app. Prior to that, he was at Capital One as a Mobile Product Manager. Anand will walk through his journey into product and how retrospection can lead to you being a better product person.


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