Tools for Building the Real-time Organization

When: December 8th, 2015 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Organizations are facing increasing needs to deal with large volumes of incoming data streams. Those that can effectively process streams in real-time can make better, faster decisions. This webinar will describe a reference architecture using the Typesafe Reactive Platform and other tools that can be used to build out the real-time organization.

The real time organization reacts to information in real-time rather than basing decisions on stale data. This requires reimagining how data flows through your organization, moving away from data at rest and movings towards a completely event-based architecture.

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Kevin Webber


Kevin Webber is Enterprise Advocate at Typesafe. He is also the founder of Reactive Programming Toronto, a Toronto-based user group who explore topics related to building the next generation of distributed systems. Kevin has over 15 years of development and hands-on architecture experience in the finance and e-commerce domains.

Michael Pigg

mpigg2Michael is a trainer and an experienced developer of web-based applications, currently focusing on using Scala and tools like Akka, Spray and the Play Framework. He is a Typesafe certified instructor for Scala and Akka, delivering training courses for Chariot’s training program over the past two years. He is currently interested in building applications using principles of the Reactive Manifesto and delivering them quickly with continuous delivery practices.