10 answers from our deep dive into Angular with Ken Rimple

Original article written by Technical.ly.

We at Technical.ly don’t often get into the nitty gritty of technical topics because we’re journalists first, not developers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want those kinds of stories on our site.

In our latest experiment to produce more detail-oriented dev content and to try a new editorial feature for our Technical.ly Talent recruiting product, we ran an office hours session on Angular with Ken Rimple of Chariot Solutions on our public Slack (here’s where to snag an invite).

Check out a lightly edited transcript of the conversation below. (Some of the questions were submitted beforehand by people who didn’t attend the office hours session.)

While we’re getting started, I wanted to send out a few suggestions for beginners…

  1. Angular is the “new” name of “Angular 2”. They decided to rename the “2” and higher versions plain old “Angular” recently (six months or so ago) since the version number will change major versions for each breaking framework change. We’re already on Angular 4.3.1 (or maybe .2) at this point, and by the end of the summer they will go to 5. My amps go to 11.
  2. AngularJS is what they call the 1.x branch.
  3. Googling is now super difficult, because “back in the day” people called AngularJS “Angular”, and all of the blogs that were reasoning about Angular called it “Angular2”, “Angular” etc… So check the date of the blog post when you find a solution, and read carefully. You might be reading something outdated, or something about AngularJS by accident.
  4. GREAT place to learn about the happenings and ask questions that are deeper in tech focus is Gitter. The URL gitter.im/angular/angular (it kind of follows the GitHub URL) is a live chat stream with lots of committers on it. I wouldn’t ask “how do I get Angular to work” questions there, but if you’re stumped with a feature and there is no good documentation on it, sometimes someone there can be a godsend.
    It’s more for specific code problems and such than strategems.

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