Chariot Solutions becomes a Sonatype Certified Training Partner

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Chariot Solutions becomes a Sonatype Certified Training Partner


Fort Washington, PA April 6, 2010 – Chariot Solutions, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in software development with Java and open source,
announced today that it has become a Sonatype Certified Training Partner. Sonatype is caretaker of the Maven project and a leading provider of enterprise
software development infrastructure.

Ken Rimple, Chariot Solutions’ Director of Education, believes that the agreement further strengthens the company’s strategy of providing top-notch technical
training that is aligned to recognized industry standards. “We already have a strong portfolio of training courses,” says Rimple, “and we’re pleased to add
Sonatype and Maven to that list. Maven is one of the world’s premier software build platforms. To be one of the select group of training companies to be
accredited by the developers of Maven is a real mark of distinction.”

Sonatype chose Chariot Solutions partly because of its strong background and deep understanding of Java training – and software development training in
general. “We have a strong track record in developer training and are pleased to add the Sonatype brand to our accreditations,” says Rimple. “Being certified
by Sonatype provides our clients with a greater assurance of quality and consistency.”

“We are excited to have Chariot Solutions as a Certified Training partner,” said Jason van Zyl, CTO of Sonatype and creator of Maven. “Organizations can
rely on Chariot Solutions to provide a quality learning experience that will help them gain the most business value from their investment in Sonatype.”

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About Chariot Solutions

Chariot Solutions is an enterprise application development consulting firm. We build and integrate the critical software applications that run our clients’
businesses. We are successful because we attract the most talented and collaborative software architects in the region. They are leaders in Java, open source
and emerging technologies. We work in small, agile teams. We solve hard problems with a practical approach centered on communication, common sense and continual learning.

About Sonatype

Sonatype is transforming the way software is made. Founded by Jason van Zyl, the creator of Apache Maven, Sonatype delivers value-added Maven products
and services so that organizations can optimize their software development process and create a standard development infrastructure. For more information,
please visit