Chariot Solutions Celebrates 10th Emerging Technologies for The Enterprise Conference

Conference Brings Developer Community Together to Connect and Collaborate

March 24,2015 (Philadelphia) – Chariot Solutions, a leading enterprise application and mobile development consulting firm, will host the 10th annual Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference (ETE) from April 7 – 8, 2015 at the Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia. The conference, with sponsorship partner Hortonworks, has established itself as the most diverse and interesting conference on the east coast, will once again bring the developer community together to collaborate on where the industry is headed.

“As an integral part of the thriving Philadelphia tech community, we are proud to bring some of the world’s best and brightest software development minds together every year for our conference,” said Tracey Welson-Rossman, Philly ETE Co-chair, and CMO at Chariot Solutions. “ETE is organized by developers for developers and IT executives who represent all facets of the industry, including programming languages, data science, integration, cloud and high-scale infrastructure and mobile. In this constantly evolving technology landscape, it is imperative for us to learn and understand where the developer community is headed so that we can all support its growth and sustainability.

”The conference, in sponsorship by Hortonworks, the leading contributor to and provider of Apache™ Hadoop® for the enterprise, has brought the leaders of the open source community to Philadelphia to teach about their projects, their work and how these technologies are changing software development.

The speakers and panelists at the conference represent the companies that are developing technologies for enterprises like Netflix, Facebook and Kaazing.

Notable experts speaking at this year’s event include:Keynote speakers:

  • Tom Igoe – Co-founder, Arduino
  • Dave Thomas – Co-author, Pragmatic Programmer

Additional speakers:

  • Jamie Allen – Senior Director of Global Services, Typesafe
  • Beth Bunting Arnholt – Vice President, Integrated Talent Management, Comcast/NBCUniversal
  • Monica Beckwith – Java Performance Consultant
  • Aaron Bedra – Principle Engineer, Groupon
  • Soumith Chintala – Research Engineer, Facebook AI Research
  • Diptanu Choudhury – Senior Platform Engineer, Netflix
  • Ben Christensen – Software Engineer, Netflix Edge Engineering
  • Don Coleman – Director of Consulting, Chariot Solutions
  • Kent C. Dodds – Frontend Developer, Alianza Inc.
  • Helena Edelson – Committer, Akka and Spark Cassandra Connector
  • Dietrich Featherston – Infrastructure Engineer, GitHub
  • Mike Hartington – Developer Advocate, Ionic
  • Kelsey Hightower – Software Engineer, CoreOS
  • Pete Hunt – CEO and Co-Founder, Authbox
  • Yehuda Katz – Co-Creator, Ember.js
  • Jessica Kerr – Functional Developer, JVM
  • Jay Kreps – CEO, Confluent
  • Diana Larsen – Founding Partner, FutureWorks Consulting
  • Haoyi Li – Software Engineer, Dropbox
  • Brendan McAdams – Scala Coder, Netflix
  • Joanne Molesky – Co-Author, Lean Enterprise
  • Todd Montgomery – Chief Architect, Kaazing
  • Mike Rappaport – CEO and Founder, Chariot Solutions
  • Chris Richardson – Java Champion and Author, POJOs in Action
  • Ken Rimple – Training Services Director, Chariot
  • Brian Shirai – Core Team Member, Rubinius
  • Danielle Sucher – Software Engineer, Stripe
  • Valerie Thomas – Principal Information Security Consultant, Securicon, LLC
  • Allen Wirfs-Brock – Mozilla Research Fellow and Technical Editor, ECMA-262
  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock – Object Designer Pioneer, Program Director, Agile Alliance’s Experience Reports Program

Additional sponsors include: Cerner, DIRECTV, eMoney Advisor, DramaFever, SIG, GitHub, PromptWorks, Comcast Labs, AdrenTex, and TriNet.