Chariot Solutions Develops Software for First Electronic Bumper Sticker by Ultimation, LLC

Interactive Talelight bumper sticker, using Bluetooth low energy, is now available to consumers

January 01, 2017 (Philadelphia)Chariot Solutions, a leading enterprise application and mobile development consulting firm, has completed work with Ultimation LLC to bring Talelight, the world’s first electronic bumper sticker, to market. Consumers are now able to purchase, create, and even sell bumper stickers, allowing for greater self-expression than ever before.

Chariot developed iOS and Android apps to create a bridge between Talelight’s online sticker web store and the product, bringing customers’ unique sticker designs to their displays. The Chariot team designed the Bluetooth Low Energy service for communication between the phone and the Talelight device.

Designers and developers from experience design firm Think Company worked with the Talelight team to create the visual design and branding system and to design the front-end and user flows of the web application. Think Company also created a secure private API and helped to implement a platform that could support an e-commerce store with custom scheduling and device management features.

“As Chariot continues to work alongside inventive companies like Ultimation, our use of technology is allowing organizations to translate their business vision into reality by connecting hardware and software,” said Don Coleman, Director of Consulting, Chariot Solutions.

Unlike traditional bumper stickers, Talelight makes it easy to change images and text to fit your mood. Updating the stickers is made easy on the mobile-enabled website,, where new stickers can be replaced and scheduled. Talelight is now available for $179.99, with stickers available from $1.49 to $4.99 at

“Ultimation is excited to work with Chariot to optimize the experience for Talelight users,” said Robert Suffern, founder of Ultimation LLC and inventor of the Talelight electronic bumper sticker. “The mobile apps they created are an essential element in the Talelight ecosystem and enables the flexibility and customization that Talelight offers.”

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About Ultimation

Ultimation, LLC was founded in October of 2015 by Robert Suffern and Christophe Massenet. Ultimation’s first product is the Talelight electronic bumper sticker, a first-of-its-kind electronic display for sharing your thoughts with the road. The Talelight bumper sticker is currently available at The Talelight ecosystem consists of three main parts: a bumper sticker ecommerce marketplace,, where anyone can create, buy and sell bumper sticker images; a smartphone application that bridges communication between the website and the Talelight display; and the display itself, which features a full color, high resolution, custom LCD screen designed for all outdoor applications. Ultimation’s goal is to be the preeminent supplier of secure messaging displays for consumer and commercial customers while ensuring that content creators are compensated for their work.