Chariot Solutions Partners with Canary Compliance to Eliminate Paper-Based Fuel Monitoring Systems

Smart hardware will ensure environmental compliance and eliminate unnecessary travel to service stations

March 1, 2017 (Philadelphia)Chariot Solutions, a leading enterprise application and mobile development consulting firm, has partnered with Canary Compliance on a cloud-based Underground Storage Tank (UST) environmental compliance management system. The product will provide real-time tank visibility to gas station owners, reducing risk, cost, and administrative burdens.

Currently, many service stations use offline systems to check for leaks and monitor fuel levels. The networked solutions that do exist are often unreliable, and built on technology as archaic as fax machines and TCP/IP connections. To eliminate these issues, Canary Compliance has built the most reliable, secure, and modern solution to monitor underground fuel tank lines, providing real-time tank visibility, managing complex regulatory recordkeeping requirements, and recommending corrective actions.

To bring Canary’s product to life, Chariot Solutions developed a cloud-based solution that compliance managers can easily access through a React-based interface. Data is collected from cellular-enabled custom hardware at hundreds of gas stations across the country, and technicians can quickly bring stations online by adding the Canary hardware to existing tank controllers.

This information is used to provide real-time alerts to protect service stations and the environment from spills and leaks. Instituting “issues” to notify users about regularly-occurring alarms like low fuel tank levels, fuel leak detection alerts, or routine maintenance needs, compliance managers can now remotely diagnose and troubleshoot problems from any location. By reducing site visits, land-owners save money, reduce the environmental impact of transportation, and reduces workers’ risk exposure.

“Chariot Solutions has built a system that provides a new level of visibility and control for Canary’s customers,” said Don Coleman, Director of Consulting at Chariot Solutions. “Bringing stations online, we can help them achieve environmental compliance while eliminating unnecessary cost, time, and effort.”

Data is securely transmitted to Canary’s servers via the Particle cloud. Compliance managers have immediate access to the alarms and reports for every station and can manage them through the Canary system.

“Chariot has been an excellent software development partner, enabling us to turn our proof of concept into a viable product in a matter of months without sacrificing quality,” said Jon Kelly, CEO, Canary Compliance. “The Chariot team’s close collaboration with Alex Keat, our Head of Product, has helped us create a solution that solves a long-time challenge for the retail fuels industry. We are excited to see what the future holds for our business.” For more more information on Canary Compliance, visit

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About Canary Compliance

Canary Compliance builds hardware and software that radically simplifies underground storage tank management for gas station owners. Canary Compliance’s cellular-enabled hardware (“The Canary”) is the backbone of a revolutionary compliance monitoring experience that reduces administrative burden, eliminates unnecessary maintenance visits, and mitigates cybersecurity risk. Learn more about Canary Compliance’s exciting journey and promising future at