Chariot Solutions sponsors Founder Factory, an event dedicated to helping technology startups.

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Chariot Solutions sponsors Founder Factory, an event dedicated to helping technology startups.

World-class local entrepreneurs set to speak at Founder Factory event; answer call to step-up, coach next generation of business startup leaders.


Philadelphia, PA-October 14, 2008 – Twelve months ago, entrepreneurs starting a new company in metro Philadelphia had no choice but to operate
in a vacuum. In the fall of 2007, they banded together and built Philly Startup Leaders (“PSL”), with the goal of supporting one another and
helping their companies grow. In less than a year, PSL grew to 300 members. And yet, that was not enough. Business founders cried out-they wanted
to lasso successful local-area entrepreneurs and investors, corral them in a room, and soak-up their business lessons.

In response, PSL leaders, along with partner MAC Alliance, took it upon themselves to build The Founder Factory, a unique one-day conference and networking event coming to Philadelphia on
November 13, 2008, where wisdom from world-class Philadelphia-area business leaders is shared with the next generation of local entrepreneurs.
Josh Kopelman, Managing Partner of First Round Capital, Lucinda Holt, Ernst & Young Philadelphia Entrepreneur of the Year, and many more all-stars
have lined up to speak and lead panel discussions.

“I’m excited to sponsor and speak at The Founder Factory. The emergence of programs like The Founder Factory, PSL and DreamIt are important
indicators of the vibrancy of Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial community.” says Josh Kopelman. “It is programs like these that will help inspire
a new generation of start-up founders.”

Recognizing the importance of The Founder Factory, heavy hitters MAC Alliance, Morgan Lewis, Chariot Solutions, Ben Franklin Technology Partners,
First Round Capital, Safeguard and Eight Eleven Inc. enthusiastically sponsor the program.

“The Founder Factory leaders took it on themselves to build this program, even while running their
own businesses. It’s a collaborative effort that clearly shows the current vitality and future potential of Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial arena,”
said Tom Balderston, CEO of the MAC Alliance. “It is this great energy in our startup community that bodes well for strong growth for our startup
ecosystem. And, the MAC Alliance is happy to support the Founder Factory team with this tremendous program.”

The Founder Factory will run on Thursday, November 13, 2008 from 8:00am-5:30pm at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, followed by a 5:30pm-8:00pm
networking event. The day’s sessions include motivational and educational tell-all speeches and panel-guided, interactive business plan reviews
coined “Fishbowls” by PSL, lead by successful entrepreneurs such as: Gil Beyda of Genacast Ventures, Steve Goodman of Morgan Lewis, Bob Bickel
of Ringside Networks, Metaverse and Hyperic, as well as Josh Kopelman and Lucinda Holt.

Tickets for the entire day, including the evening’s networking event are $25 for startup businesses or students, and $50 for the general public.
Those who wish to attend only the networking event in the evening may buy tickets for $25.

For those who contemplate starting a business, or are in the process of starting one and want to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and
investors, register for The Founder Factory at or join Philly Startup
Leaders at

About PSL

Philly Startup Leaders unites isolated entrepreneurs into a network of ambitious leaders who inspire, energize and empower each other. PSL was
founded in September, 2007, by a group of entrepreneurs and exists as an active network of more than 300 business founders and executives,
venture capitalists, angel investors, college and university professors and executives and city officials. PSL can be found making history
in Historic Philadelphia everyday, at

About MAC Alliance

MAC Alliance’s vision is to be the catalyst organization promoting the Greater Philadelphia region as one of North America’s top private equity
markets-from venture to buyout. The MAC Alliance’s mission is to cultivate a vibrant private equity and entrepreneurial community by providing
compelling programming that engages the community; superior networking and visibility that stimulates deal and capital flow; and relevant
metrics that reflect our unique strengths as a region. For more information visit

About Chariot Solutions, LLC

Chariot Solutions is an IT consulting firm specializing in application development and systems integration using Java and open source technologies.
Chariot consultants include some of the top software architects in the country, all of whom possess a rare combination of deep technical expertise,
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