Chariot Speaker at Clojure Remote Conference

Chariot Solutions’ Anatoly Polinsky to Speak at Clojure’s First Purely Remote Conference

February 2, 2016 (Philadelphia) – Anatoly Polinsky, a developer at leading enterprise application and mobile development consulting firm Chariot Solutions, will be speaking at the Clojure Remote conference on Thursday, February 11, 2016. Polinsky will share his new approach of managing Clojure application state based on a tiny library called Mount.

Anatoly is an expert in Clojure development, having spent the past three years working with the technology for major projects at Chariot Solutions.

“When we work with Clojure, we rely on Anatoly’s expertise to use the language to its full potential – we’re proud to see him speaking at Clojure Remote” said Tracey Welson-Rossman, chief marketing officer at Chariot. “Having our staff speak at conferences is an important way for us to share what we learn every day on the job.”

In addition to Clojure, Polinsky works with Scala, Java, mobile development and specializes in big data. Before his role at Chariot, Polinsky worked as a software engineer at IBM and a technical architect at Accenture.

The conference, the first on Clojure to be held exclusively online, brings together the vast community of Clojure experts and those wanting to know more about the benefits and use of the language. The conference takes place February 11-12, and costs $199 dollars.

More information on speakers, panelists and specific keynote times can be found on the conference’s website at