Coatesville company takes toilet tech to another level, helps local hotel save $3K a month

The team at H2O Connected thought there must have been a mistake. Just minutes after engineers finished installing hundreds of the company’s new Leakalertor Pro smart toilet tank monitors at the Fairfield Inn in Exton, they got an alert that one of the toilets was running.

Thinking it must be a software bug, since the alert came so quickly, they went over to the hotel and discovered the room had just been cleaned, and the toilet was, in fact, running. Since no guests were due in the room for another four days, catching the issue immediately saved the hotel from wasting more than 28,000 gallons of water, representing more than $300 in costs.

While the hotel has a regimented maintenance program, the Leakalertor Pro has been able to save it about $3,000 per month by alerting them to leaky, running toilets as soon as they happen, said H2O Connected CEO, Susan Springsteen.

Watch this 15 Minutes With interview that our CMO Tracey Welson-Rossman did with H2O Connected’s CEO, Susan Springsteen.

The Coatesville-based company is now in production on the devices and delivering its first sales in the next six weeks after raising a $1.3 million Series A to build the Leakalertor Pro. The product, which is protected by numerous new patents, is the first of its kind in the market, Springsteen said, and offers managers of hotels, apartment buildings, office complexes, nursing homes, and other large-scale properties the ability to save money by alerting them to toilet issues as soon as they occur via a desktop web dashboard. The dashboard alerts include exact location of the toilet, the specific issue at hand, and how many gallons have been wasted.

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