Engine Yard Grows Partner Network with Introduction of Training Program

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Engine Yard Grows Partner Network with Introduction of Training Program


Engine Yard, the leading Ruby on Rails development and deployment platform for the cloud, today announced the Engine Yard University Authorized Training Provider (ATP) Program, which makes it easier than ever for developers to build their expertise in Ruby on Rails and the cloud. This new program is an extension of the Engine Yard Partner Network, the largest Ruby on Rails partner program, with over 200 development firms.

The Engine Yard University ATP Program is focused on growing Ruby and Rails knowledge in organizations, corporations, and universities as well as other academic institutions. It provides Authorized Training Providers with curriculum, technology, support, and lead generation to augment their existing training businesses or to create new specialized practices in their consulting organizations.

“As more and more companies are choosing to build applications in Ruby on Rails, there is an increasing need for well-trained developers,” said Matthew Reider, Director of Professional Services and Training at Engine Yard. “With this new program from Engine Yard University, we are helping to expand the thriving Rails community by working with our partners to offer more classes that will attract new developers who can contribute to the growth of the community.”

Leading companies in the Ruby on Rails community, such as Blazing Cloud, *Chariot Solutions*, Element84, Envy Labs, SourceSense, and thoughtbot, have joined the Engine Yard University ATP Program. They get the advantage of sales and technical support provided through the unique training program, so they can focus on building their development and consulting businesses. Engine Yard University uses a zero-setup cloud-based development environment, eliminating the usual student setup problems. Every student gets full sudo console access, an embedded IDE, and the entire curriculum, all running in a browser.

“By becoming an Engine Yard University training partner, we will get increased exposure for our Ruby on Rails workshops,” said Chad Pytel, founder and CEO of thoughtbot. “As more companies choose Ruby on Rails to develop their apps, it’s often hard to find well-qualified developers. Our classes help both beginning and experienced developers build expertise and marketable skills. Beginning developers say that they learn more in a 2-day intro class than they would learn in 2 months on their own. And, our advanced classes give experienced developers the opportunity to work with Rails experts and take their skills to the next level.”

“Engine Yard is making it easy for developers to learn Ruby on Rails through Engine Yard University classes, plus their new training program provides tools and resources to enable instructors and companies to offer more classes,” said Gregg Pollack, founder and CTO of Envy Labs. “Envy Labs offers two online Rails training courses, and Engine Yard encourages curriculum like ours to be shared with its network of training partners. We believe that Ruby on Rails is the best choice for developing complex web applications, and this program will help increase the number of qualified Rails developers.”

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web-based applications. Lots of high-growth web startups as well as Fortune 500 enterprises take advantage of the speed and agility of developing applications in Ruby on Rails to increase productivity and bring new products to market quickly. Industry experts have declared Ruby on Rails the language of the cloud. As a result, the demand for Ruby on Rails developers is growing, and the Engine Yard ATP Program will provide opportunities to increase the number of training programs and skilled developers.

Initially, partners will deliver Engine Yard University’s Zero to Rails 3 class for students who are switching to Rails from other languages. An advanced class, based on the popular Rails AntiPatterns book by Chad Pytel and Tammer Saleh, will be launched by thoughtbot on May 30 in Boston and June 13 in San Francisco. For more information on classes or to sign up as a partner in the Engine Yard ATP Program, please visit http://www.engineyard.com/partners/training.

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