Here’s a chance to hone your Angular skills without leaving the office

Angular expert Ken Rimple, of Chariot Solutions, to answer all your questions — July 27 on the public Slack.

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You’ve gotta be a little crazy to write software training courses.

So says Ken Rimple, Chariot Solutions’ longtime head of training and mentoring services — and someone who will admit to a little bit of madness.

Take that one time, at the SpringOne Platform conference, when he found out that SpringOne was no longer going to support Spring Roo (Spring Roo being the open source developer tool Rimple had just spent the last two years of his life writing a book about).

“All my hair fell out,” Rimple said.

At least he has a sense of humor about it.

A few years later, after Rimple had finished writing a training course for AngularJS, Google announced that it planned to completely rewrite and re-release the JavaScript framework under the name Angular, while also continuing to maintain AngularJS. Cue all Rimple’s hair falling out, again.

“The problem,” Rimple wrote in an email, “was that enterprises had NO EARTHLY IDEA WHAT TO CHOOSE, since they didn’t know whether Google would finish Angular (the next generation) and also whether they’d eventually pull the plug on AngularJS. It was a gamble. Luckily Angular is released, and gaining steam. Some development teams are staying on 1.x. So I’m teaching and having to maintain both courses. It’s soooo fun :)”

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