The technology behind president Obama’s historic victory to be examined at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise

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The technology behind president Obama’s historic victory to be examined at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise

How the Road to the White House Traveled the Information Superhighway


Philadelphia, PA (March 10, 2009) – Each year Chariot Solutions brings together the best and the brightest in emerging technologies at its annual
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) Conference to collectively examine the latest trends impacting enterprise information technology.
The 4th Annual ETE Conference, to be held March 26 and 27 in Philadelphia, continues the conference’s trend of expanding its content each year to
explore a wider range of technologies and their applications. As part of ETE 2009, a special Keynote Address will focus on the implications of emerging
technology for a unique enterprise – a presidential campaign.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Chief Technology Officer and Founding Partner of Blue State Digital, will be presenting “Lessons from the Obama Online Campaign”
as a special lunchtime Keynote Address on March 27 at 12:45 PM at the Philadelphia Marriott West. Blue State Digital specializes in wielding web-based
tools to increase awareness, advocacy and fundraising capabilities for non-profits and social causes. These strengths in utilizing interactive content
and social networks to build, mobilize and empower a purpose-driven online community have resulted in an unusual niche market – the political candidate.
Franklin-Hodge and Blue State Digital were instrumental in developing the strategy and web technology platform for President Obama that that helped propel
him to his historic victory.

A constant challenge for any candidate seeking office is energizing their support base, and finding ways to translate that support into donations.
To create and sustain buzz throughout the lengthy election cycle, Blue State Digital devised and developed an unprecedented online fundraising, constituency
building and peer-to-peer networking platform for the Obama for America online campaign. The result was a web presence that engaged Obama’s supporters and
encouraged them to take action. The fundraising tools deployed by Blue State Digital generated over $500 million in campaign contributions.

“Barack Obama’s presidential campaign set a new standard for online engagement. At Blue State Digital, we helped to provide easy-to-use technology in
order to communicate to supporters in action-oriented and personalized ways. All types of organizations, large and small, can make many of these tools and
methods work for them,” said Franklin-Hodge. “I look forward to sharing some of these strategies at the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference.”

Much of the buzz around emerging technologies focuses on its cost-savings benefits. The efforts of Blue State demonstrate that these technologies, such
as Web 2.0 and social networking tools, have the ability to open new channels for contributions or revenue. During his presentation, Franklin-Hodge will
address how other organizations and businesses can adopt the tools and techniques utilized by the Obama campaign to engage their constituents and customers.

“ETE has always been a forum for exploring the current landscape of enterprise technologies and inspiring the next wave of game-changing development,”
said Tracey Welson-Rossman, Director of Business Development for Chariot Solutions. “We’re very pleased to have Jascha delivering a Keynote this year.
His behind-the-scenes account of the success Obama online campaign is a compelling case study for the power of emerging tech.”

About Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise:
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