ng-conf Docker Seminar Resources

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We’re glad you attended Chariot’s seminar on Docker at ng-conf 2019. Here are a few useful resources from the class.

Download a PDF of the slides here.

Also I’ve set up a GIST here with the relevant Docker files from an enterprise-level sample (Apache, Angular, React, Spring Boot, postgres)


If you plan on following along you should have installed Docker and it should be running on your computer. Make sure you’ve created a free account on Docker and signed into it with docker login from your command line.

A quick call to docker run alpine echo 'hi there' should verify that the engine is up and running by downloading the alpine linux container and running a simple echo command.

On Windows, you will need to run Linux containers for the seminar, and this can be set by going into your docker control panel and selecting Linux images. Note that your existing images will be purged and Docker will restart.


Download the exercises from this link and expand them somewhere. Open that directory with your favorite text editor.

Useful Resources

Docker Guides



Download here.