Philly ETE 2016 – Luke Wagner – WebAssembly: A New Compilation Target for the Web

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WebAssembly is an emerging standard which defines a new, portable, binary format to serve as a safe and efficient compiler target for the Web. Driven by active cross-browser collaboration, WebAssembly is rapidly taking shape and should be coming in the future to a browser near you. What does this new addition to the open Web platform mean for developers? This talk will provide an overview of the design of WebAssembly and explain how WebAssembly can be used to both bring existing codebases to the Web as well as complement modern web apps written in JS and HTML5. The talk will also cover future directions for WebAssembly such as supporting languages beyond C/C++ and providing tighter integration with JS and Web APIs. If you care about large code, load time, predictable performance, compiling to the web, alternative programming languages or you are using a framework that does, come learn about WebAssembly.

About Luke:

Luke Wagner has worked at Mozilla for 6 years on JavaScript engine performance optimizations, asm.js, WebAssembly, and the Mozilla games program. Luke was one of the inventors of asm.js and implemented the initial asm.js optimizations in Firefox’s JavaScript engine. Luke now participates in the WebAssembly W3C Community Group and works on Firefox’s WebAssembly implementation.