Philly ETE 2016 – Susan Potter – From Zero to Application Delivery with NixOS

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Managing configurations for different kinds of nodes and cloud resources in a microservice architecture can be an operational nightmare, especially if not managed with the application codebase. CI and CD job environments often tend to stray from production configuration yielding their results unpredictable at best, or producing false positives in the worst case. Code pushes to staging and production can have unintended consequences which often can’t be inspected fully on a dry run.

This session will show you a toolchain and immutable infrastructure principles that will allow you to define your infrastructure in code versioned alongside your application code that will give you repeatable configuration, ephemeral testing environments, consistent CI/CD environments, and diffable dependency transparency all before pushing changes to production.

About Susan:

Susan is a distributed systems engineer straddling technical operations and engineering helping make data and service infrastructure operationally manageable at scale. Over the last seventeen years she has worked on algorithmic trading systems, market data software, multi-tenant service oriented architecture, and continuous delivery.