Philly ETE 2014 – Carl Quinn – How We Built a Cloud Platform Using Netflix OSS

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The Netflix OSS Cloud stack is clearly a great set of components for building a cloud infrastructure and platform—if you are Netflix. But how does that architecture work for other businesses? Learn how at Riot we leveraged Netflix OSS Cloud tools and platform components to create a complete infrastructure for hosting our global game platform. Maybe it can work for you too.

This session will describe the libraries, services and tools from the Netflix OSS stack that we used, our adaptations and extensions, and how we put them together with a nifty Java library stack to form a cohesive platform.

On the Java development side, we adopted Dropwizard, added in some of the Netflix OSS libraries plus some of our own magic sauce to create a simple framework for quick development of robust, cloud-ready Java services.

We adopted Aminator’s pre-baked image model, but extended baking to use Chef to leverage our existing cookbook library. And instead of using Chef at launch for bootstrapping and configuration, we use Eureka for service discovery and an built an Archaius backend service for dynamic configuration.

We use Asgard as our general cloud portal, but have extended it with user authorization to fit our engineering environment. And, we use Edda and the Simian Army for security and conformance auditing, as well as routine cleanup tasks.

Download (PDF, 2.26MB)