The Cable Company Does Continuous [delivery] WHAT?


Download (PDF, 14.43MB)

Download (PDF, 14.43MB)

From the abstract: “Many companies have tried speeding up their existing software deployment cycle only to discover that it leads to chaos. As organizations try to deploy more quickly, they are held back by error-prone and unpredictable deployment processes being executed by an Operations staff that becomes increasingly overworked and overtired.

So how did we achieve Continuous Delivery:

  1. In a big company
  2. Where not everyone was even doing the basics of CI yet?

In this talk we’ll cover the steps that were taken to go from just the basics to full blown Continuous Delivery, discussing who we needed to convince that continuous delivery was THE way to go, the tools and approaches that worked for us, and how we managed to move to Continuous Delivery without any major disruptions to our existing delivery flow.”