Philly ETE 2015 #45 – Kunal Batra – How SendGrid Scaled Their Developer Evangelism Outreach

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Marketing for a developer focused company, tends to work pretty differently from other fields. Designing eye catching newsletters, ads and other social media of your product doesn’t fly…not even a little bit. Developers are problem solvers and operate in focused communities that let them share knowledge. We need to engage with them in these communities.

Its not enough to just have docs, sample apps and fast support. If you want to bring developers to your product and see how to they interact with it, Evangelism is a necessary part of the equation. In this talk we will walk through key aspects of Evangelism and different strategies SendGrid has used and currently uses to reach these developers and turn them into friends who become customers.

  • What is a Developer Evangelist?
  • How to hire.
  • Phases of an Evangelist team.
  • Online/Offline outreach strategy.
  • Measuring Evangelism.

Join Kunal Batra, a team lead on SendGrid’s developer relations team as he walks through the role of a Developer Evangelist and shares data and stories he’s collected from his over 2+ years of being a Evangelist at SendGrid.

About Kunal:

Meet Kunal, Developer Evangelist at-large for SendGrid and home-grown New Jersey hacker. He previously ran General Machines, which developed Deaftel – a phone service for the deaf that converts voice to text and text back into voice over a phone call. Since March 2013, Kunal has been working as a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid, helping enable developers to get the tools and resources they need to make awesome, creative stuff.