Philly ETE 2016 #21 – Jeff Labonski – Pitfalls in Technology Selection

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Technology is an ever-changing arena where it seems that everything is the one perfect solution for all your problems. When someone shows you the Next Big Thing, how can you be sure that it will work as intended, much less provide value or serve the needs of the business down the road?

Based mainly on development and its related technologies, this talk will address some of the benefits and blight that come from tech selection as well as antipatterns to avoid, situations to embrace, and how to embrace your inner technical nerd and talk shop to engineers.

About Jeff:

Jeff Labonski is a seasoned technology leader, with 17 years of development experience and 7 in executive roles. He has worked in numerous startups from pre-angel to acquisition, as well as in larger companies up to the Fortune 50. He has always believed that the best technology leaders can still set a thread signal mask when needed, and continues to implement and enjoy tricky algorithms. Jeff is currently writing software and aiding in strategy for various clients at Chariot Solutions.